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KeyLover Lite 1.0

KeyLover Lite is a super compact keylogger designed to be used...

KeyLover Lite is a super compact keylogger designed to be used by all ranges of computer users. The program collects and saves keystrokes, url's visited, chat conversations, and generally every action that a user performs on a PC keyboard.

The saved log files are then emailed as (encrypted) attachments to a user-specified SMTP (email) account. The architecture of KeyLover Lite has been designed with the least impact on system performance and maximum security in mind, using %100 Assembly language routines for best efficiency and stealth operation.

User must only specify a log file path and an email account login info. KeyLover Lite does the rest. the program can load at Windows startup, allowing full-time monitoring of keystrokes.

High standards of programming have made KeyLover Lite a super-compact keylogger with a standard Control Panel style interface. Program operation is under full control of the user, with adequate test routines to check SMTP accounts prior to final usage.

Log file encryption ensures user's data (which may include sensitive information) not be accessible to unauthorized people even when sent over the Internet to the email accounts.

Unlike similar products, logs can ONLY be viewed by the person who installs KeyLover Lite on the monitored PC, NOT by just anyone who has a KeyLover Lite installed.

Programming efficiency has brought the most competetive pricing in this category of products, KeyLover Lite being a Full-Featured software at the lowest possible price.

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